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[CAFE] 120531 Sungjae “Wow! It’s almost June!!!”


After tomorrow is my favorite month, June!!!!!!!!!!Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!><
It’s because the number 6 is there…ㅡThen June 6th is my favorite favorite only Sungjae’s Day~~Keke
Ah…I’ll stop the nonsense; now that summer is near, there will be more mosquitoes and other various viruses
Because my body is becoming hot~~~ㅠㅠ
Because of this, our Melodies need to be stronger!! So you guys can give BTOB more strength
And with that strength!!We’ll improve more!!!
Our Melody hyung (older brother), noona (older sister), dongseng (young fans), aunt(?) fans, be careful of the cold!!
I hope everything you do will be the best !!
We’ll work diligently before the comeback so please watch out for us!!
BTOB fighting!Melody fighting! Everyone fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

SOURCE: BTOB Official Fancafe

Translated by gangsterjoe @ fyeah-btob