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DJ: I feel like that Eunkwang is a very wise man.
Eunkwang: Ahh yes thank you!
Q: During Chuseok, will you get to meet your parents?
Peniel: No…
Eunkwang: Everyone feel sorry for Peniel whose family members are still in America… All 6 of us are very sorry about that…. really, when such festivals arrive…
Sungjae: If there is a day off, Peniel hyung, come over to my home to celebrate!
Eunkwang: Oh really? I planned to bring him to my home actually!
Sungjae: Oh, good, then he’ll just go over to your house!
Ilhoon: Just split him into two and bring him back!
*Sungjae giving lots of chocolates to his hyungs*
Minhyuk: It's really delicious!
Eunkwang to Sungjae: Where did you get it?
Sungjae: In your bag
“"My left knee cartilage ripped so I had to get surgery. The doctors said I had to rest for a full month but this was right before our comeback. We didn’t want to overdo it so I worked hard to recover. I’m not completely recovered so I cannot over do it.” - Minhyuk”

When asked about their sleeping habits
Sungjae: I have bad sleeping habits.
Ilhoon: He laughs when he sleeps.
Hyunsik: All our sleeping habits are unique. Ilhoon raps as he’s sleeping. He also impersonates our CEO.
Changsub: Minhyuk hyung’s sleeping habits get more aggressive. I saw him doing something scary but I couldn’t watch anymore because it was getting too scary.
Question: Is there anything that BTOB should be careful of during the promotion this time round?
Ilhoon: You may not be able to bear wounds from people, and your body may feel pain as well. You could hurt the members next to you if you’re rushing (too fast) in the future. So, don’t forget to grab and pat each other and run forward together. Do not find faults with other members, and it’s easier to reach your destination if you just hold each others’ hands.
MTV Diary Episode 16
*Penjae conversation In English*
Sungjae to Peniel: Good job!
Peniel: Thank you~~
Sungjae: You're a good boy! Man~~
Peniel: Good boy!
Sungjae: I love you man!
Peniel: I love you too~~
120703 MTV Diary - Episode 6
Minhyuk: From now on, I will go to the Han River with Ilhoon to play basketball
Ilhoon: Yeah ~ Let's play basketball! (in English)
Minhyuk: Yeah! Play the basketball (in English)
Minhyuk to Eunkwang: Want to go play basketball together?
Eunkwang: Ah~ I want to work out! I want to work out!
Minhyuk: Please go
Eunkwang: I will have a body that looks better than Hyunsik's!
Eunkwang: My teeth shape will be better than Minhyuk's!
Minhyuk: *Looks at Eunkwang* Teeth shape?
Eunkwang: Hahahahahahaha *evil laugh*
Peniel: Today's songs kinda suck. What is this crap? I want a foreign song!
*DJ changes the music*
*Peniel starts dancing like a diva*
BtoB's mission no. 2
Eunkwang: All of you will be given 2 minutes to write as many weaknesses of any member on post-its and stick them anywhere on that individual.
*Members starts writing on the paper then runs to Minhyuk*
*Minhyuk runs away*
Minhyuk: What's the matter with you guys?
*Eunkwang having a hard time reading the task given to BTOB*
Minhyuk: You can't read Korean?
BTOB was introduced as a boy band with hidden talents. One of them is the ability to play instruments. Tell us what instruments do you play?
Eunkwang: I'm learning to play the piano. And Minhyuk is learning together with me. Changsub plays the drums. Hyunsik plays the guitar. Peniel plays the guitar too. Ilhoon does the DJing. And Sungjae is in charge of the bass.
What got you started in the group?
Changsub: It has been my dream to be a singer, so I worked hard, and became a tranee. I worked very hard when BTOB was in its stage of formation. And I wanted to keep the promise I made with our leader, Eunkwang, who was with me since the start of our trainee days, that we will do this together.
CeCi: How was today’s shoot?
Minhyuk: The angle I think that will come out good is actually different from the actual angle (laughs). I think I found some right angles though through this shoot.
SBS MTV Diary Episode 2
(BTOB talking In English)
Eunkwang: I think you very stupid! *pointing to Changsub*
Ilhoon: I think you very stupid! *copies eunkwang*
Eunkwang: Do you understand? Heh! Don't understand? He is very foolish! He is very foolish!
Changsub: What happened? What happened? *talking to the camera*
Eunkwang: Foolish! Stupid! Foolish!