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[TRANS] 120825 Peniel & Sungjae on Fun Fun Today Radio

Q:听说今天BTOB要去拍专辑内页? 星材:是的 等下节目结束后要马上去美容室 刚刚也是凌晨才结束练习来上电台 Q:应该很辛苦啊 (这样)化妆没关系么? 星材:没问题的】之后忙内唱了句歌有点小破音 解释说因为节目前一晚录音到很晚所以嗓子状态不是很好 孩子们都辛苦了TuT


Q: I heard that BTOB will be going to take concept photos today? Sungjae: Yes, we will immediately go to the make up studio after recording. We also just finished practicing at midnight before coming to the radio station. Q: You are working very hard. Doing your make up like this, is it okay? Sungjae: It’s no problem.

After that, while they were singing, there was some notes that went a bit off but they explained saying that they were recording songs the night before so their voices are not at their best condition.

Our kids are working so hard TuT

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