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140520 Ilhoon’s Twitter Update

오빠왓다 pic.twitter.com/YhWwOWRzWN

[TRANS] Oppa’s here

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140519 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

안녕하세요.성재입니다 성년의날 축하해주신 많은 여러분들 다 너무감사드리구요. 앞으로 더욱 멋져지는 성재의 모습 보고 심쿵 하실 준비하세요. 비투비화이팅!

[TRANS] Hello. This is Sungjae. Thank you very much all those who congratulated me on coming of age day. From now on please prepare to see an increasingly cool Sungjae. BTOB fighting!

Translated by Teresa @ fyeahbtob