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131220 G.NA’s Instagram Update (with Ilhoon)

어제 오랜만에 #btob 일훈이 녹음실에서 발견했다! Its#ilhoon and #gna . . So random last night lol http://instagram.com/p/iI_7tOCFoP/

131108 sidusHQ’s Twitter Updates

그리고 특별 무대에 이어, 경품 추첨까지! 경품 추첨도 비투비 분들이 진행해주셔서 더 즐거웠다는 후문이…ㅎㅎㅎ 당첨되신 분들 보다 더 열렬히 환호해 주셨던 비투비! 참 멋있네요^^;;

[TRANS] Also, after the special stage, a sweepstakes! The sweepstakes was also advanced by BTOB, so it was more enjoyable…hehehe BTOB who cheered more enthusiastically than the people who were picked! Really handsome^^;;

<sidusHQ Night with Re:NK> 지나씨에 이어 sidusHQ파티에 찾아주신 비투비입니다! 처음부터 끝까지 파티를 즐겨주셨는데요! wow로 분위기를 더욱 고조시켰습니다. 큰실수를..ㅠㅠ죄송합니다!

[TRANS] <sidusHQ Night with Re:NK> This is BTOB who came to the sidusHQ party with G.NA! From start to end, enjoying the party! Heightened the atmosphere with wow. For the big mistake..ㅠㅠ Sorry!

translated by Xinying @ fyeahbtob

130928 OFFICIALBTOB’s Twitter Update #2

쨘! 멜로디가 기다리고기다리던 임수컷님(22세.비투비의 중심! ) 의 식머프 변신 오늘밤 11시 호스트는

[TRANS] Tada! The one that all Melodies have been waiting for, Mr Im Rooster’s (22 years old. BTOB’s Center!  ) smurf transformation tonight 11pm #SNL_Korea hosts #GNA #BTOB #ImHyunSik

translated by Xinying @ fyeahbtob

130928 OFFICIALBTOB’s Twitter Update #1

이들이 빠지면 19금이 아니죠! 의 대표적인 테스토스테론 라인 의 스머프변신 오늘 밤 11시

[TRANS] If you leave these two out then it will not be 19+! #BTOB’s testosterone line representatives #ImHyunSik #LeeMinHyuk with #G.NA’s smurf transformation tonight 11pm #SNL_Korea

translated by Xinying @ fyeahbtob

130928 Cube United’s Twitter Update

우월한 여신 느님! 오늘밤 11시 생방송 콩트 현장 비하인드컷#gna 의 19금유머가능멤버들 섹시미녀들 사이에 >_< 또르르….

[TRANS] Superior Goddess G.NA noonim! Tonight at 11pm live broadcasting #SNL_Korea short scene on the site behind cut. G.NA and BTOB’s 19 rated humour’s members Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub and Jung Ilhoon in between beautiful sexy ladies >_< Ttoleuleu….

credits: yunyunzai(btobbar)@weibo ; translated by Iris@fyeahbtob

130905 G.NA’s Twitter Update

BTOB ~ THRILLER !!! 역시역시ㅋ멋지다 우리 비투비! 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다! 화이팅!!

[TRANS] BTOB~ THRILLER !!! Indeed indeed ke Handsome our BTOB! Please give them lots of love! Fighting!!

translated by Xinying @ fyeahbtob

[PERF] 130720 G.NA ‘Oops!’ feat. Ilhoon @ Changwon Citizen’s Day Hope Concert