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140216 MBC Section TV’s Facebook Update





섹시 걸그룹 ‘걸스데이’의 미모를 위협할 대한민국 보이그룹 멤버가 등장했다! BTOB ‘민혁’, NU’EST ‘렌’, A-JAX ‘승진’, VIXX ‘홍빈’ 네 명의 멤버 중 여장이 가장 잘 어울릴 것 같은 멤버를 뽑아주세요!

[TRANS] South Korean boy group members who are threatening the beauty of sexy girl group ‘Girl’s Day’ have arrived! BTOB ‘Minhyuk’, NU’EST ‘Ren’. A-JAX ‘Seung Jin’. VIXX ‘Hong Bin’ Please choose among these 4 members who you think will suit woman’s dressing the most!

translated by Xinying @ fyeahbtob

[FULL AUDIO] 130211 Peniel, Nuest’s Aron, C-Clown’s Rome, San-E @ Fun Fun Radio

120729 K-Dream Live in Tokyo Dome - Encore

Encore song: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO


[FANCAM] 120729 K-Dream Live in Tokyo Dome Encore

@2:50-3:23 Ilhoon, Eunkwang & Changsub in their own little world

@4:11 Ilhoon & Woohyun bowing to each other

@4:21 BTOB & Other artists’ final bow


[FANCAM] 120729 K-DREAM LIVE Ending

This is actually a fancam focused to Sungyeol Infinite but I can see BTOB and other artists there >_<

- 3:04 - 3:05 Peniel and NU’EST Aron ran together on the stage! ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

- 3:32 - 3:33 PenJae did the butt bump!!

- 3:34 - 3:35 MinHyuk’s swag moment (・∀・)

[NEWS] 120804 BtoB voted as the top ‘Rookie Group’ in Singapore in 2012

1st Place – BTOB (30%)

2nd Place – EXO (26%)

3rd Place – B.A.P (20%)

It seems like Cube Entertainment’s artistes are well-loved by Singapore as their newest boy group BTOB emerged first in popularity as the Top Rookie Group in 2012! BTOB made Singapore their first ever overseas promotional stop back in May and also performed live at Music Matters Live 2012; for their album promotion fansign at Bugis Junction alone, they attracted a 800-strong crowd who sang and danced along to their debut track “Insane”. Previously (x)clusive also had an exclusive email interview with BTOB as well, check it out over here. BTOB has been off the radar since the release of their Asia Edition album with the new track “Irresistable Lips”, leaving fans intrigued about their next comeback.

Full Results:

BTOB (30%)

EXO (26%)

B.A.P (20%)

NU’EST (9%)

JJ Project (8%)

Spica (4%)

EXID (2%)

Read the full article here

[VID] 120729 - BtoB & Other Artists @ K-Dream Live Vol.1