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140520 Ilhoon’s Twitter Update

오빠왓다 pic.twitter.com/YhWwOWRzWN

[TRANS] Oppa’s here

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140516 Hyunsik’s Instagram Update

출국 (出國) instagram.com/p/oDEb-fNKvL/

[TRANS] Departure (Going out of the country)
Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140516 Ilhoon’s Twitter Update

일본 다녀오겠습니다 ! pic.twitter.com/U5YJ5mP3tQ

[TRANS] I’ll go and come back safely from Japan !
Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140516 Eunkwang’s Twitter Update

제대로된 사진을…ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/Efm4hThYFs

[TRANS] A decent photo…keke
Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140516 Minhyuk’s Twitter Update

모두 오랜만이에요! 보고싶어요! pic.twitter.com/weJE4qXnyf
[TRANS] It’s been a long time everyone! I miss you!
Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob
140516 Sungjae’s Twitter Update & Eunkwang’s Reply

일본 잘다녀올게요~ pic.twitter.com/tjIAb9R6PT

[TRANS] I’ll go and come back safely from Japan~

Eunkwang’s Reply

@BTOB_6SJ ……..나 뭐냐…

[TRANS] @BTOB_6SJ……..What am I…

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob
140508 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

엄마아빠건강하세요. 항상 감사합니다. 비록사진은 시무룩해도 정말 사랑해요. pic.twitter.com/4uxBal9gyk

[TRANS] Mom, Dad, please be healthy. I’m always grateful. Even though the picture is a bit sullen, I really love you guys.

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140507 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

나 육성재는 무한도전의 차세대 리더 후보 기호 ‘나’ 정형돈을 전폭 지지할것을 선언합니다. 무한도전을 보장할 격식없는 후보! 가식없는 후보! 정형돈을 함께 지지해주십시오~ pic.twitter.cohum/2Gw40SyYv5

[TRANS] I, Yook Sungjae, am declaring my full support for Infinity Challenge’s new generation leader, Jung Hyungdon, marked ‘ME’. A candidate who can guarantee Infinity Challenge with no formalities! A candidate who has no pretense! Please support Jung Hyungdon too~

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140412 Eunkwang’s Twitter Update

여더븐둘~ 졔가 넘흐 뜸해쵸 저눈 잘 샬구있숩네다요잉 헿헿헿

[TRANS] Everyone~ I’ve been away for a while now right? I’m living well everyone heheheheh (cutely)

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140413 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

나가놀으라고하자마자 비가내리네… 아…시험기간이라고…? 미안합니다… 말을 말아야지 말을…

[TRANS] When I tell you guys to go out and play, it seemed like the rain is suddenly falling down…Aahh…You guys are having exams…? I’m sorry…*Horse(mal) should say something, the horse(mal)

T/N: *He’s playing with the word 말=Horse/Say(speak). He meant to say, he shouldn’t have said “go out and play” as the weather isn’t welcoming and the fans are having exams coming^^

Translation by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140413 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

오랜만에 운동다녀왔당ㅋㅋ 날씨도좋은데 머혀? 얼른 나가놀지못해ㅡㅡ?!!ㅋ

[TRANS] Working out after a long time keke The weather is nice too, what are you doing? Aren’t you guys gonna go out and have funㅡㅡ?!! ke

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140411 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

다음주 월요일 다섯시! 성재의 첫 엠넷 와이드mc!많은 시청부탁드려요

[TRANS] Next week on Monday at 5pm! Sungjae’s first broadcast as the MC of Mnet Wide, hope that lots of people will tune in

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140412 Ilhoon’s Twitter Update

울 누나 풀하우스 첫공!!! 정말 축하해!!! pic.twitter.com/sV39vNXwpE

[TRANS] My *Noona’s first Full House performance!!! Congrats!!!

T/N: He’s referring to his sister, Jung Minjoo’s first performance of her musical, Full House^^

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140410 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

나랑 꽃구경갈래요? 재밌을텐데… pic.twitter.com/il2Z939ugd

[TRANS] Do you want to see the flowers with me? It could’ve been fun…

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

140408 Sungjae’s Twitter Update

내가웃으면 몇만명이 행복해진다구…? 난 참 행복한사람이구나ㅎ pic.twitter.com/XcPScEdTyC

[TRANS] How many people will be happy if I smile, you said…? So I’m kind of a happy person then ㅎ

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob