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  Anonymous said:
I was flicking though this blog and so far I've only seen photos of Changsub xD why so many photos of him? xD

Hi, to answer your question: we’re updating a backlog of photos due to our inactivity for the past few months. We feel really sorry to our followers for being inactive so we’ll be updating fansite by fansite as it’s easier haha. it’ll be easier if you search our tags based on the member you are looking for. 

Thank you to all those who have still been supporting us. Please look out for our announcement soon!



Please tell me you are continuing!

Not to worry, we will not be giving up this blog. We’ll just be undergoing some changes so please bear with us! We’ll be announcing something real soon!

- T.

  Anonymous said:
Why don't you post photos anymore? :( like events, performances, radio, candids...?

I’ve answered this previously but it might have been lost.

Our uploaders have been really busy and we sincerely apologise for the lack of updates. We’ll be trying our best to get back ont rack with all the updates as best as we can but we hope you will all understand that our admins have school/work to attend to that cannot be ignored or delayed because of our real life commitments. With that said, we will still try our best to continue to update all of you.

Also, we’ll be undergoing some changes so please look out for an announcement ((soon))

- T.

  Anonymous said:
Hi admins ^^ just wondering why dont you post fantaken pictures of the boys ?

Hi, we really apologize. Our uploaders have been really really busy so we’ve had little time to update the blog. I will try my best to start updating again so please bear with us!


Heya! Do you know where to find eng subs of the cool men episodes??? Thank you!!

There are fans who are subbing on YouTube. There isn’t one account that is subbing all I think so you can just try searching in the YouTube bar (:

  Anonymous said:
Do you know what is exact address of cube entertainment building?

Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Cheongdam-dong, 125-20 4F, Cube Entertainment

  Anonymous said:
Yes The cool man Have a new episode came out yet? I think episode 3 ?? Or 2

Episode 3 will be out tonight if I’m not wrong.

You tagged this wrongly haha~ /post/79874420213/c-loving-you-do-not-edit

HAHA OMG. I think I’m half asleep. This proves I cannot multitask while I’m updating hahaha. Thanks for pointing this out love.


  Anonymous said:
Have the new episode of btob have came out?

Are you referring to Cool Men?

  Anonymous said:
What shows are BTOB doing now?

Hi, their most recent would be “Cool Men” I would assume (:

  Anonymous said:
hi, id like it if the translators would not use the word "negro" to translate this /post/65050743451 i assume he said black(african-american) music and you used the word "negro" which is not okay to use. so i hope you understand and not use that again, and change the word you used to describe it.

As per request we have edited the translation, it was mostly directly translated from chinese translations so the term might have been misused. We apologise to all who took offense towards the term.

  kimcheed said:
does this mean btob will have multiple episodes?!?!?!?! 😭🙌


Do know what show was the hidden camera with BTOB?

The hidden camera is from the first episode of their newest reality program “Cool Men”. Here’s the subbed video of ep. 1. ^^ And do check this tag for future episodes of the show. :)

  ottokajae said:
Uuuuu love the new theme <3 are you guys like back on business or??? cause if you guys are, I'm glad to have you guys back <3

Awww thanks! I’m glad you like it. :) Hmmm… I can’t say we’re completely back because almost all of us are still on hiatus (except the translators) but we’re trying to post as much updates as we can. So please bear with us.^^ And on behalf of fyeahbtob team, we sincerely apologize for the lack of updates.

- Mhean

  Anonymous said:
Wow, the new theme is just amazing! It's really beautiful!

Aww thank you for this sweet message ^^